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Business Plan

As a new direct seller, your focus will be on developing a base of retail and preferred customers. You’ll also focus on helping your team generate volume through sales.

As your group generates more sales, you are entitled to more incentives.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible you need to generate minimum 800 IPs from your direct effort. 800 IPs means two Products. To be eligible for Incentive you need to do two Direct Sales from your effort.

To start doing business with us, you have to pay top up of INR 6499 (All inclusive of Tax). In return you will be getting Products worth INR 6499 (Inclusive of Tax). Pair Income would be INR 800.

Eligible IP:

In case, IPs accumulated under 1 direct seller are more than the IPs accumulated under another direct seller (Both should not be related), then the number of eligible IP are limited to the IPs accumulated under direct seller who has lesser IPs. There is no limit to number of direct sales and number of direct sellers appointed by you. There is a upper ceiling of INR 75000/- as weekly income from Group Sales Incentive. Any income above 75000 INR will be flushed and will not be carried forward for next payout cycle.